Piercing Jojoba Oil


Our fortifying, pure, and all-natural Piercing Jojoba Oil keeps your organic jewelry refreshed and your skin moisturized.


Lubricate your bone, horn, or wooden jewelry with our Piercing Jojoba Oil to prevent dryness and cracking, or moisturize scar tissue and irritated skin for strength and replenishment. Jojoba oil can also be applied to your hair for detangling, moisture, thickness, and radiant shine. Hypoallergenic and rich in Vitamin E, our jojoba oil is a product of Peru and Israel; it’s the natural remedy your skin desires.


  • 6 mL
  • Oil derived from the jojoba seed
  • Hypoallergenic and rich in vitamin E
  • Organic, natural lubricant for organic jewelry
  • Moisturizes dry or irritated skin
  • Adds thickness and glossy shine to hair
  • Product of Peru and Israel


No refunds, exchanges or returns.

To limit cross contamination this item can’t be returned.

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