Tattoo Numb Cream

Tattoo Numb Cream

Reduce local pain after new body modifications, cosmetic procedures, or laser treatments with our gentle Numb Cream. Our 4% lidocaine cream offers your skin the relief it craves for up to six hours. The topical-use cream massages smoothly into the skin and begins your pathway toward a soothing, healthy recovery. 


  • 2.2 oz
  • Topical-use only
  • Active ingredient: Lidocaine HCI 4%
  • Dramatically reduces pain sensitivity before and after skin 
  • Fast onset of action for fast relief that lasts up to six hours
  • Convenient flip-top tube for easy application; massages gently into the skin


This product is intended for topical use only. It isintended to reduce pain caused by skin procedures Proper application of Recovery Numb is extremely important for positive effect:

• Use approximately a “US quarter dollar”* size amount per 4”x4” area15 ‐ 20 minutes prior to procedure (recommendation – 1.0 – 2.0 grams – or milliliters – per 1”X1” square area)*

• Avoid use on open wounds, exposed sub‐cutaneous tissues, in the eyes, in the ear canal, in the nostrils and insidethemouth

• Dosage will depend on the skin type, aggressiveness of procedure, known client pain tolerance and surface area.

• With a gloved hand, evenly distribute the cream and rub vigorously in acircular motion for at least 30 – 60 seconds to each area of the treatment surface

• It is suggested that you take extra care in applying more aggressively to known pain‐sensitive “hot spot” areas on the face and body

• The peak action begins in approximately 15 – 20 minutes

• Once anesthetic effect is achieved (15 – 20 minutes), remove any residual remaining product with a sanitary wet cloth prior to procedure and follow normal antiseptic prep

• For procedures lasting longer than 60 minutes, reapply as described above, within the parameters also described above  

• For more aggressive procedures some clinicians use an occlusive dressing for an improved efficacy – taking into account potential toxicity risk factors – occlusive dressing is any form of non‐porous material that may increase absorption into the skin such as Saran or other similar wrap or covering.

• It is important to note that applying a hot or warm compress to the treatment area prior to application of Recovery Numb™ will increase cutaneous absorption. While this method will enhance the effect of the anesthetic, special care should be exercised in recognition of the potential for increased systemic entry of the active ingredient, lidocaine HCL 5%.

• Recovery Numb™ can be applied in more liberal volume where applicable (recommended maximum is 10 grams per procedure application session)

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