• All appointments will be 18+ only – no exceptions! To book a consultation, or an appointment, pop by the shop, call or email your preferred artist directly. (Please provide all information including name, phone, service preference and any other details that would be helpful.) We strongly encourage clients to book a consultation appointment for all aesthetics (PMU Appointments). Please note that you will be expected to put down a deposit and book during your consultation. If you are not serious about booking please do not book a consultation appointment, as you will be required to leave a deposit at the end of consultation for services.
  • Cash or Etransfer are the preferred forms of payment. However, if you absolutely must pay with a credit card and a 5% service fee will be added to your bill prior to deduction of your deposit.

It is especially important that you shower prior to your appointment, wear clothing that is appropriate for the area that you are having tattooed. Clients that have an excess of hair where they will be tattooed are encouraged to use clippers or shave the area prior to their appointment in an effort to save time. Please refrain from bronzers, tanning, lotions or anything that contains or smells of coconut prior to your appointment due to allergies of the tattooer.

Aesthetics (PMU) Clients – it is especially important that you shower prior to your appointment and remove all make-up. Please refrain from bronzers, tanning, lotions and make-up prior to your appointment. Clients must also avoid shaving, exfoliating, and waxing for several weeks prior to their appointment. In addition, if you wear contact lenses they need to be taken out prior to your appointment.

  • Hygiene is very important to us and you. All clients must shower before their appointment and wear clothes void of lint, dirt (this includes drywall particulates, paint etc.), and animal hair. Do not come directly from the gym and refrain from going to the gym for at least 10 days to 2 weeks after your appointment to avoid infection. Clients who are drunk, hungover, on drugs, taking drugs or herbal remedies that thin the blood, juicing, pregnant, breastfeeding, epileptic, sunburnt, covered in sweat, un-showered or just unhygienic, will be turned away and will lose their deposit. Please drink lots of water and come hydrated to your appointment.
  • Please remove your footwear before entering the shop and make sure that you are wearing clean socks. Do not come in flip flops or open toed shoes unless you have brought clean socks with you to put on before entering the shop. Bare feet will not be allowed unless you are having your foot tattooed, in which case your sock can be removed once you are in the Custom Tattoo and Aesthetics (PMU) area.​

  • Re-booking – Failure to cancel and re-book 72 hours prior to your appointment will mean that your deposit is lost and you will have to re-deposit and re-book for another day. In addition to this you are only allowed to rebook an appointment once without loss of deposit and this must be done when rebooking. Please have a date(s) available when rebooking. Should you fail to rebook a new date and stick to it at the time of rebooking you will lose your deposit. We will not hold onto deposits while waiting for you to find a time that works for you as it is impossible to keep track of this without moving the deposit to an alternative date. In some instances, depending on the amount of time you have booked for your appointment, there may be additional fees. All booking fees are non-refundable. Please refer to Custom Tattoo Services and Aesthetics (PMU) services on our web site for more details.

  • No shows will lose their deposit. Depending on the service and the amount of time booked, other fees may be encored. If you no show a consultation appointment, depending on the circumstance you may be required to pay a rebooking fee of $40 for wasted time.

  • Other than water, pop or juice, with a resealable lid, or single serving candy packs, no outside food or snacks will be permitted. No subs, salads or other foods will be permitted. This too may be subject to change without notice as our guidelines from the Regional Health Authority change.

  • No cell phones will be permitted to be used while in the shop. They are to be put on silent and put away during your appointment outside of the tattoo area. If absolutely necessary, you can check your phone, when we take breaks, with permission from a team member. No photographs, phone calls, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, texting etc. or anything that requires the use of your camera inside the shop without prior permission from staff. No exceptions!

  • Do not forget your Government Issued Photo ID! You will be required to fill out a form and or a questionnaire in which your valid government issued ID will be photocopied to. For legal reasons, failure to present this at the time of your appointment will mean that your deposit is lost and you will have to re-book for another day. In some instances, depending on the amount of time you have booked for your appointment, there may be additional fees. Please refer to Custom Tattoo services and Aesthetics (PMU) services on our web site for more details.


  • Deposits vary from $50 and up. No exceptions!

  • Cancelations must be made 72 hours prior without loss of booking fee. Only one rebook, which needs to be made at time of cancellation is allowed. No shows or last-minute cancellations will forfeit their booking fee. A new booking fee will be required to rebook along with a set up fee of $60 for wasted materials.

  • Booking fees are non-refundable. No exceptions!

  • Gift Certificates not permitted towards merch, aftercare or deals.
  • 18+ no exceptions! Only client in the shop at a time!